Collect. Analyze. Govern.

Lookthrough is a fully customizable cloud-based SaaS platform helping the financial sector streamline their bulk data collection and decision-making process for portfolio investments. From initial due diligence to reporting and governance, our software suite provides a single solution for all financial intelligence gathering needs.

About Us

Better Due Diligence,
Better Investment Decisions

Lookthrough was built to serve an internal need by our financial cost consulting business Novarca. We have been serving large pension funds, endowment funds, and sovereign wealth funds for over 15 years. Our previous process to collect and analyze our clients’ bulk financial data was very inefficient and cumbersome. We couldn’t find a secure and scalable digital solution to solve this issue, so we built one ourselves. We have saved 90% of employee resources previously spent on manual data collection.

Meet Lookthrough,
The Next Generation of Financial Data Collection

Data Collection & Automation

  • Collect and store any type of financial data
  • Input from both human and machine sources
  • Track the progress of your data providers
  • Sector specific metrics and KPI templates
  • Scheduled workflow automation
  • Delegation across the multiple counterparties and custodians

Aggregation & Analytics

  • Advanced analytics with hundreds of task specific graphs and charts
  • Complex financial reporting with adjustable data points in real time
  • Document repository for all contracts/invoices with live search
  • Contract management with full content mapping and autofill
  • Rank, filter, tag, and sort providers on a variety of criteria
  • Create PDF reports and company snapshots
  • Import and Export with Excel (CSV) and API’s (XML)

Transparency & Governance

  • Full admin dashboard with suite of privileges and visibility options
  • Provider transparency ratings based on validator responses
  • Invoice reconciliation and analysis
  • Full audit of previous data entries with time stamps
  • Restricted access within Lookthrough based on the "Need to know" principle
  • White labelling to seamlessly integrate into the clients CI

Security & Privacy

  • Cloud or on-premise installation available (Dockers)
  • Full customization of parameters and access rights
  • Headquartered in Switzerland, the Swiss Data Protection Act (CC 235.1) applies to the processing and storage of all data on our Swiss servers
  • Chinese wall with dedicated Swiss servers per client
  • Two Factor Authentication (2fa) for maximum login security
  • White listed admin IP address to mitigate breaches

Software Solutions for:


Venture Capital:

Lookthrough supports VC firms by substantially improving the analysis of their deal flow. Lookthrough’s customizable data collection templates automate the screening process of prospective investments, allowing firms to effortlessly filter to find strong investment fit opportunities to a certain fund strategy using Lookthrough Fund Match (LFM). Lookthough’s analytical suite offers tools to quickly gauge an investment's critical KPIs including growth and revenue metrics, risk assessment, market traction, regulatory landscape etc. Lookthrough offers automated workflow progress updates and portfolio monitoring to track investments planned growth.


Private Equity:

Lookthrough supports PE firms by streamlining the deep due diligence process during an LBO. Lookthrough replaces the cumbersome process of manually gathering and analyzing all relevant data points regarding a potential investment. We enable managers to collect and filter key information from multiple counterparties, analyze the metrics based on specific criteria and relevant KPIs, and improve the workflow in the data room. At every stage of due diligence, investment, and reporting in private markets, Lookthrough strengthens and streamlines the data collection, analysis, and reporting process. In addition, we fully secure our client’s data through our dedicated Swiss servers.


Family Offíces:

Lookthrough helps optimize family offices investment due diligence processes and portfolio investment monitoring. Our fully customizable collection templates, with input from both human and machine sources offer a white-labeled interface to collect data, track progress, and govern the fund. The Lookthrough platform enables managers to track and sort both bankable and non-bankable assets by specific criteria and relevant KPIs, as well as to create reports in an advanced analytics suite all on dedicated Swiss servers. Our comprehensive and secure approach to collection and analytics offers a holistic view of all types of investments across all asset classes.