Digital Governance

technology upgrades your governance from e-mails and forms to standardized and automated data collection.

Meet . A new dimension in governance.

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Unleash Blockchain & AI

Make the most of your data through Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Fulfill Legal Requirements

Meet regulatory requirements, ensure traceability and save cost while you’re at it.

Stay on Top of Documentation

Keep your documentation, both legal and technical, up to date and readily available.

Your Benefits

Complex Problems need Smart Solutions

Asking 500 suppliers 50 questions each means you are expecting 25 000 answers in return. Spreadsheets and e-mails are clearly not your best choice. What if you had a digital solution at hand to gather and analyze data at any level of complexity?

Reporting. Hassle Free.

Generating numerous different reports for management, regulators, stakeholders and auditors is cumbersome and time consuming. What if you a had a solution that took all the pain out of creating reports?

Document Repository

Requirements for documentation, both legal and technical, are increasingly difficult to meet. What if you had all your documents at hand, digitally encrypted and stored in one single place?

Find the Source

Reconciling the source of your data can be cumbersome and at times impossible, leaving you no choice other than to make assumptions. What if technology would always find the source of your data and keep track of it?

Be ahead of Competition

Working through data manually is keeping your focus away from where it should be. What if technology gave you more time to focus on what really matters?

The Value of Data

To capture the value of your data it needs to be in a digital format, sensibly collected, stored properly and readily available at all times. What if you had technology to do all of that for you?

Save Cost

Meeting regulatory requirements, keeping on top of quality management and supply chain transparency is cumbersome and resource intensive. What if you had technology that saved you time and money?


Blockchain guarantees data integrity, but it's useless unless the input is standardized.  What if you had technology that guaranteed both data integrity and data quality?

AI & Machine Learning

The future of software lies within algorithms, not code. What if machine learning and artificial intelligence made your software smarter everyday?

The Process

Efficiency Increase for Buy and Sell side

  1. Define your Data Needs

    Define what information you need to manage your supply chain, how it is categorized and at what frequency you need updates.
  2. Capture your Supply Chain

    Invite your suppliers and watch them invite their suppliers (your sub-suppliers) until your entire value chain is digitally captured.
  3. Monitor the Gathering Process

    Monitor in real time how data is assembled and delivered direct from the source.
  4. Enjoy the Results

    Create standard reports for your interest groups and dashboards with auto-updated key information for your own use.

Use Cases

Supply Chain Mapping

You are looking to collect and analyze data from your supply chain?

Regulatory requirements are tightening and are increasingly resource intensive. If you want to gather information from your suppliers, you will soon find that e-mails and spreadsheets aren’t your best option. Collecting 100 questions across 100 suppliers who in turn have 10 suppliers each (your sub suppliers), means that you are looking at 100 000 answers that need to be tracked and documented.

We’ve been in that situation and couldn’t find a smart solution anywhere, so we decided to build it, for us and everyone.

Your client asks for data and information?

As your clients need to meet regulatory requirements, the burden of providing data for you increases dramatically. With many of your clients however, the answers to certain questions are generic. is built in such way, that you will have to give a generic answer only once, and it will automatically be reused for all your other clients. You keep full control and discretion on what information you choose to be generic or specific. You can also delegate individual questions or groups of questions within your organisation to ensure only qualified team members (such as product management, legal, etc.) have authority to update data before it is published to your client. For those wanting to go one step further in automation, contact us for API, XML and XBRL options.

saves you valuable time and cost when adhering to your clients' reporting needs and guarantees data integrity throughout your entire organisation.

You want to know which of your suppliers need management attention?

Without the necessary data you may be flying blind and unable to steer management attention towards what really matters. Once the technology is deployed, you can drop any question into the engine and watch the results come in; fully digital and ready for analysis. Imagine you were asked if any of your suppliers employed child labor. Unless you had everyone confirm they don’t, what would you answer ? Simply drop the question into the engine and watch your entire supply chain unfold in a digital heatmap. also allows you to run synthetic stress tests on your supply chain to find out any shortcomings, regulatory violations, capacity constraints, etc. And what about a repository of all your latest contracts and agreements in one single place, linked to the key information in your dashboard ? The highly customizable dashboards within allow you to flexibly define criteria that produce comprehensive heatmaps (from green to red) of your entire supply chain. Stop guessing, start knowing.

Business Example

Medical Device Manufacturers

is built to help you meet the standards (MDR 2017/745, MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev 4, ISO 13485:2016, etc) without the need for additional staff. All organizations face challenges when updating their quality management system (QMS) as the extensive reform to the rules in the EU represent the most disruptive changes to the industry in recent history.

Financial Services

A global financial services company, headquartered in Switzerland, builds high-definition snapshots of investment portfolios. They are using technology to gather and assemble a broad range of detailed information on the various components from thousands of financial service providers.

Family Offices

Family offices need to gather data from their direct investments and portfolio companies. A cumbersome, mostly excel based process. With family offices are now able to automate this process and get frequently updated data ready for analysis.

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Simple and efficient Templates

Start with our Standard Templates

Every company has their individual reporting needs, some however are the same for everyone. We work with the world’s leading experts to bring you standard templates which address the most common reporting needs.

Our Pricing Models

We believe in alignment of interest and the power of win-win situations. Therefore applies a complexity based pricing that is directly related to an efficiency increase within your organisation. The implementation of will save you time and money far beyond it's cost.


up to 25 000 nodes

For organizations with medium supply chain complexity not exceeding 25 000 nodes*

  • For smaller organizations
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Expert templates

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more than 25 000 nodes

For organizations whose supply chain complexity exceeds 25 000 nodes*

  • For larger organizations
  • Private server infrastructure
  • Integrated business intelligence

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unlimited nodes

For a select audience through partnership programs and strategic collaborations.

  • White labelled
  • Activated Blockchain
  • Integrated artificial intelligence

Upon Invitation

* Nodes are connecting dots within your supply chain, measured as the sum of your direct and indirect supply chain participants, multiplied by individual data points collected. Example: if you have 10 suppliers, who in turn have 5 suppliers each, who in turn have 2 suppliers each and you are looking to gather 20 data points (questions) across that chain, you are looking at 1’400 nodes ((10+10*5+5*2))*20).

Upgrade your Supply Chain Management

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