Ambitious, but Possible
The Paris Agreement aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. For the real estate industry, this translates to urgent action. Considering the cost and benefits, these ambitious targets can only be met with sensible planning. This, however, requires reliable data on buildings. To make large-scale real estate decarbonisation a reality, we need a faster and more cost-effective approach to filling data gaps.
Immediate Results
We focus on the big picture, aiming to produce 90% of the results with 10% of the effort. We do not replace engineering firms or consultants but add the relevant data layer that allows them to do their work more efficiently. Within a few weeks, you will have a clear and transparent oversight of your real estate portfolio to plan your path to net zero.
Start Small, Aim Big
We get you started within days; no complex integrations or learning curves are necessary. With its network effect to fill data gaps and its AI-enabled approach to validate and enhance the data, Lookthrough automates data collection and validation. We make data accessible and affordable on large and complex portfolios within weeks, not years.
Scenario-Based Planning
Build your scenario bottom-up with a building-by-building approach. Simulate what it takes to bring an individual building below the CRREM path or what it costs to replace a hundred windows. Or let our AI engine simulate complex scenarios on your behalf to find out where you get the biggest impact with the smallest investment and much more.

When you are ready to take your scenario one step further, our ecosystem of partners, including engineers, consultants, and energy solution providers, are prepared to help.