Frequently Asked Questions
  • What data does Lookthrough require?
    Lookthrough has developed a unique method that can calculate the current CO2 emissions of a property based on fewer data points (currently 14 different data points). These data points are e.g. area / number of floors / type of heating. The unique Lookthrough method is scalable and provides an immediate, in-depth insight into the current situation of the entire real estate portfolio, with corresponding, meaningful reports and detailed suggestions for optimising CO2 emissions on the way to Net-Zero.
  • How is the data aggregated in Lookthrough's software?
    Lookthrough has developed a task manager within the software for aggregating the data for the individual objects. This enables the property owner, asset manager or administrator to enter a responsible person for each property. This can be the caretaker, the administration or an internal employee. The orders for the procurement of the corresponding data points can be sent directly to the responsible person. The orders can be tracked and reminded.
  • How quickly do I have a complete overview of my portfolio?
    As soon as all data points for the objects in the portfolio have been received via the task manager, all information and a complete overview of the portfolio are available to the decision-maker. Lookthrough does not require any "on-site" visits, which makes the process fast and also saves CO2 in the procurement of the data. The Lookthrough process is designed to give decision-makers a 360-degree view of their portfolio for planning, decision-making, and analysis as quickly as possible. The time factor and the quick availability of these important key figures is the great strength of Lookthrough
  • What information do I get immediately after data aggregation?
    After aggregating the data, the decision maker knows:
    - the carbon footprint of its entire portfolio
    - the carbon footprint of each property
    - where the greatest need for action is
    - which properties will not achieve the required CO2 emissions
    - embodied carbon per property
    - indicative EPC (energy performance certificate)
    - risk of stranded asset
    - which abdominal measures can be achieved and their effects
    - renovation proposals
  • What future data does the AI provide me with about my portfolio?
    The artificial intelligence of the Lookthrough software learns from the entire database and simulates the most cost-effective way for each property, with which renovations, structural changes, the CO2 specifications can be met. In addition, the decision-maker receives an action plan where there is an urgent need for action.

    Of course, with the evaluation, Lookthrough also provides the building stock that cannot meet the CO2 specifications even with all measures. Our clients'' decision makers also often use Lookthrough as an additional analysis when purchasing new properties. Lookthrough also enables the decision-maker to run through various alternatives for a renovation and to simulate their influence on the cost/benefit calculation and the CO2 emissions.
  • What actions can I derive from the future data?
    Lookthrough not only shows where there is a need for action. The software also shows standard values for the costs incurred during the renovation.
  • What does Lookthrough mean by scenarios?
    Scenarios are different ways to achieve the required CO2 reduction. Which scenario (roof renovation / photovoltaics / etc.) the decision-maker decides on based on the individual circumstances is open. Lookthrough makes it possible to play through these different variants and shows the effects on costs and CO2 efficiency.
  • What is the cost/benefit ratio of the software?
    In the future, the CO2 emissions of a property will be an integral part of the risk assessment of a property. In the future, the C02 footprint of a property can influence

    - the price of the property
    - the rentability
    - the rental income
    - the refinancing costs
    - Etc.

    In order to avoid this risk, Lookthrough believes it is essential to have a quick and reliable overview of the current situation and to recognise the need for action today - that is where Lookthrough supports you.